What is 925 Sterling Silver?

Silver is a natural, precious metal mined from the earth. When in its natural state it’s quite soft and therefore when making jewellery we use 925 Sterling Silver. By South African standards Silver makes up 92.5% and 7.5% comprises of other metals known as an alloy. What this means is that we use Silver and add an alloy to it, at Silvery we use Copper. The percentage of Copper added is tiny, but it adds immense strength to the Silver making it ideal for the manufacturing of our hand crafted rings, bracelets and necklaces. In our creative process we use the finest quality 925 Sterling Silver sourced from certified suppliers.

Due to the alloy added to Sterling Silver it’s more prone to tarnishing which is a natural occurrence. Read more via our Jewellery Care page. Please note that underneath our 14 karat Gold or Rose Gold plating (vermeil, pronounced “ver-may”) is our high quality 925 Sterling Silver.

The Silvery 925 Sterling Silver Stamp of Authenticity

Our 925 Sterling Silver jewellery pieces include the Silvery 925 stamp on the majority of Silver items. We add it as a seal of authenticity. If an item doesn’t display the 925 stamp, it doesn’t mean it isn’t Silver. We don’t add it if the aesthetic of the piece will be impacted or if the space available on the item is too small for example on chain links or mechanisms.