Hand Stamping or Engraving?

There is no right or wrong choice. It depends on your personal preferences.

In order to select the personalisation type suited to your style please review our details related to hand stamping and engraving below. There are two different methods of adding names, dates, quotes or details to your Silvery items, known as personalisation.


Hand stamping as the name suggests is done by hand-eye coordination so the positioning is less precise than that of an engraved item. Each letter is carefully positioned and stamped by our skilled Jewellers. The “stamped” impressions or indentations are made by hammering a metal tool which has raised letters or symbols at the end.

The alignment of the text can differ in height especially on longer words due to the hand-crafted nature of this style of personalisation. We find that this specific look is an option for customers who prefer its tactility to the linear lines of engraving. The indentations of the letters can appear to be slightly different too as the pressure applied via hammering during the stamping process can vary between stamps. Hand stamping offers a more inconsistent finish to engraving. It’s not meant to be uniform or perfect.

Hand Stamping Font Options: We offer two sizes in the hand stamping lettering / font style – 3mm and 1.5mm in upper and lowercase. The height is dependent on the product and the option you have selected. In addition to letters and numbers we have a selection of icons that come in sizes as small as 1.5mm and up to 6mm.


Engraving is first set up as a graphic file by our designer in order to create the best layout possible. The file is then linked to our laser machine which uses it as a guide to etch the personalisation onto a handmade item of jewellery. The laser engraving option results in a smoother, more consistent end result with multiple font and design options available. Engraving is the suggested option if you prefer an element of perfection and precision to your jewellery order.
The laser machine is also able to cut small, intricate designs such as symbols or charms resulting in a near-perfect end result. It offers more versatility in creating our designs. The cutting process allows us to create items such as our signature Name Necklace and beautifully detailed pieces like the Photo Engraved Necklace.

Engraving Font Options: We have three main font options available for engraving which each offer a different look. You can view and select these font options when personalising your item through the order process. Additionally, the laser engraving machine has the ability to etch images, photos and logos.